About Membership

Membership in the BIOTA-Philippines provides you opportunities to participate in regional and/or national meets and be exposed to a broad spectrum of resources for teaching, research and practice. Therefore, we highly encourage those interested to be members of the BIOTA to attend the national convention held during the month of April each year. You can also attend any of the regional activities of the regional chapters of the BIOTA.


  •  Any person whose field of interest, occupation and /or profession is related with the science of Biology may apply for membership, subject to the final approval of the association’s Governing Board.


A. Regular Member. Any teacher engaged in basic science and tertiary biology education and/or research.
B. Life Member. Any regular member who opted to pay in full the stipulated life time membership fee.  A person applying to be a life member must have attended at least one national or regional convention within the past three years prior to becoming a life member. 
C. Associate Member. Any undergraduate student in the field of biology and allied courses in the tertiary level.
D. Honorary Member. This is conferred by the Governing Board to a former officer of the Association and to any person who rendered distinct and meritorious service to the Association.

The membership fee shall be:
A. Regular member, annually PhP 300.00
B. Life member, onetime PhP 3,000.00
C. Associate member, annually PhP 200.00
D.  Honorary member, No fee

On-line regular membership applications shall be accepted after the annual national convention which is from May 1 to June 30 each year. For on-line applications, the annual fee shall apply to the period from April 1 of the current year to March 31 of the following year and a certificate shall be issued.

For those persons applying to be a life member, s/he must have attended at least one national or regional convention within the past three years prior to becoming a life member. However, we do not accept life-membership application on-line, applications are during annual national conventions only.

* * *

We hope to see you in future Annual National Convention and Scientific Sessions or in any of our upcoming regional BIOTA activities. Thank you for your interest in the BIOTA.

If you have further questions please email us at <<biotaphl@gmail.com>>.

  • This link to on-line REGULAR MEMBERSHIP applications is open from May 1 to June 30 each year.
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