The President’s Message for the 49th BIOTA National Convention

The country’s changing educational landscape brought by the implementation of the K to 12 curriculum shift has challenged us teachers to re-examine our pedagogical practices and re-invent our classrooms. Despite some (initial) resistance from various stakeholders we are presently underway to formulating an enhanced, practical basic education curriculum that is deemed important as well as very timely for our country to continue in its economic progress. We as biology teachers and researchers are called to work in new, inventive, and creative ways in support of this shifting educational paradigm.

Thus, it is with much pleasure and excitement that the BIOTA National Governing Board has planned this convention’s three-day activities. As we meet with long-time friends and network with new colleagues let us explore collaborative ways of supporting one another in the challenging and sometimes daunting work ahead. Let us also inspire our young colleagues to follow in our footsteps as we share the satisfaction of being biology educators and researchers.

Buzzwords we are bound to hear (again) in this convention are spiral progression approach, outcome based education, inquiry-based pedagogy, and ASEAN 2015, among others. It is our hope that each one of you will actively participate in this convention with an open mind to (re)learning and exploring new perspectives in the teaching and researching of biology.

My deepest gratitude to my dedicated partners in the BIOTA National Governing Board,to supportive colleagues in the different BIOTA chapters who helped conceptualize this convention and bring it to fruition, and to our donors who through the years continue to support and believe in the mission and vision of the BIOTA. Congratulations to the hard working BIOTAns of the Cordillera Administrative Region Chapter for the successful planning and hosting of this convention!

As we enter into BIOTA’s golden year, let us all work together towards more productive years ahead.

Mabuhay ang BIOTA!

President, BIOTA Philippines