The President’s Message

Inquiry, critical thinking, and problem solving skills are deemed important for leaders and workers in the scientific community.  In light of advances in science and technology in the past century, biology teachers need to hone these higher order thinking skills in their students.  Now more than ever, in our role as teacher and/or researcher, imparting updated knowledge about biological principles and their applications, and translating these through sound pedagogical practices are of utmost importance.

This year’s national convention is timely and significant as the 3-day activities aim to highlight our role as biology educators/ researchers, and to support our goal of bettering our craft.  Exemplary research studies with useful applications can significantly help improve the living conditions of our communities.  Excellent teaching strategies and enriched classroom practices can greatly enhance our students’ knowledge and skills needed for their future roles as leaders and citizens of the country. Let us aim to lead our students through non-conventional classroom experiences and scientific research practices that will inspire them to investigate, imagine, and interpret the world around them in creative ways. These experiences, together with our mentoring, will hopefully encourage them in the end to enter careers in the biological sciences.

In behalf of the hard-working officers and members of the BIOTA Governing Board and the BIOTA Bicol Chapter, I welcome you to this year’s annual gathering!  It is our hope and prayer that the convention and scientific sessions will greatly enrich and impact your future research works and classroom activities.

A warm BIOTAn welcome to all!

Jessamyn Marie O. Yazon, Ph.D.